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Brotherhood Breakfast - Shared screen with speaker view
Larry Gutterman
Welcome, great to see everyone! As always, when you have a question, send it through the chat. Thanks!
Marlene Kolbert
fom Marlene Kolbert Leopold Bellak a psychiatrist in Larchmontfpr many years, spent a lot of time at the Freuds. he was best friends with Freuds nephew,Ernst I also have one those passports with the German eagle and a baby picture of me on it
Ruth Stein
I also have my parents’ passports and wanted to point out that all Jews were given the middle name Sara or Israel
Amy Goldman
There has been a lot written about the impact of the Holocaust on the survivors and their children. Could you comment on how your parent's experience as "escapees" impacted your family?
Marlene Kolbert
i also got my German citizenship back and now my children and grandchildren are EU citizens
Ruth Stein
My parents were somewhat older than yours but had very similar experiences and I often think I am reliving their history here given the political winds. Do you see similarities between Vienna then and New York now.
Galaxy Tab S5e
My nephew and his family live in Vienna. There is a small Reform synagogue. He says that there is some anti-Semitism but they love the city.
daniel karson
did your family ever seek compensation for the expropriation of your grandfather"s business?
D Gelblum
There was a jewish underground that helped jews collect documents and travel out of Europe. I have a great uncle who was part of that underground - we never learned how he himself got out and showed up one day in Israel
Andrea Hirsch
Did you know your grandparents?
Ian Spier
Thank you. That was very interesting